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We discover and develop novel drugs that act directly on disease-causing RNA.


Drugging RNA

Previously thought to be just an information molecule, we now know that dysregulated RNA is at the root of many human diseases. RNA is thus at the forefront of drug discovery.

In addition to its nucleotide sequence, the 3-dimensional structure of RNA dictates its function. We can cure diseases by developing new drugs that bind directly to RNA to alter its function.

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A Platform Anchored by NMR

We have developed a powerful, iterative biophysics and computational engine that addresses the challenges and limitations that have historically hampered efforts to drug RNA. Our platform increases the success rate of discovering novel drugs directed at RNA. We do this by utilizing NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy)-derived ligand binding data to guide molecular dynamics simulations to build accurate molecular models that enable drug optimization. Our platform discovers drugs for any disease-causing RNA.


High throughput biophysical screening


Structural model


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